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    • 石家庄市贝诺医疗器械有限公司成立于2004年,至今已有十余年的生产经验。是一家涉及医疗器械、消毒制品生产与贸易的科研型企业,注册商标为“中诺”“贝诺”。企业现有产品线应用于医疗行业多个科室,公司自主研发十余项专利产品,近年来曾荣获河北省品牌提升重点推广单位、河北省科技型中小企业、河北省高新技术企业等数十项省、地市级相关机构给予的各方面荣誉。


      十年成长,十年品质。已深受广大经销商和终端临床用户的好评,并取得了良好的经济效益和社会效益。展望未来,我公司争取以产品质更优、价格更合理、服务更完善为有效实施目标来对接客户。 并积极整合可用、可控资源,将“贝诺”中诺‘’品牌打造成医疗器械行业临床一线品牌而努力!







      Shijiazhuang Beinuo medical instrument limited company was founded in 2004, is a company involved in medical equipment, disinfection products production of industrial enterprises, registered trademarks for" chino-e" Bei"". The company's existing product line used in the medical industry multiple departments, in recent years the company has won the Hebei provincial brand key promotion unit, Hebei Province characteristics of medical products focus on the promotion unit, and in 2011 won the " Hebei province enterprise market credit evaluation committee" issued by the provincial striving for service quality dual-satisfaction extension units such as the honorary title. The company has advanced production equipment and strict quality management system, with perfect quality detection system and a wide range of domestic and foreign institutions on economic and technical cooperation. Products in the design, performance, function, price and other aspects of a progress and development.

      At present, the company has a one-time oral kits, dental gypsum series, medical compressor series, medical ultraviolet disinfection cart series products. The company's products are exported to all over the country, by the majority of dealers and users of praise, has achieved good economic and social benefits, especially the oral instrument box products with good quality, reasonable price won the reputation of many of the clinical doctor 's recognition and praise. The company to the quality of the root, honesty. Products and strive to better quality, more reasonable prices, better services. Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit the company guidance, and the community is willing to sincere cooperation, create a better tomorrow!

      The purpose of the company: Bei Yi Xie, give you health commitment.

      Development purposes: to create value for customers. Create opportunities for employees, creating benefits for the community.

      Development strategy: the pursuit of excellence, to provide unlimited service.

      Enterprise and faith: be toughened and hardened into steel, casting brilliant.

      Enterprise style: solid life, work conscientiously.